Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Times of India news = Trash

Could you please explain to me why TOI has altered into filthy garbage? Every other news seems to be chosen from derogatory section. It’s like TOI cannot allure readers without vulgar images of C grade actresses from B’town and partly nude girls showing off their junk from the H’town. Their graph has gone down drastically. I clearly remember when I used to peek into this site everyday and never came across such openness to vulgarity. They have everything on their page. From sex scandals to controversies to playboy magazine’s to topless diva’s. And it’s not like it’s hidden on another page; it’s right there, on the main page itself. Like ‘in your face’! Even their blog section is polluted. Polluted by all kinds of random people posting random views on random topics. Writers who actually made sense are nowhere to be seen. A few days ago, I literally went into a shock when I read ‘Rakhi Sawant’s Blog’. I mean, seriously? She can barely talk sense in public, how can she write properly? I’m appalled by TOI. According to TOI, “every being from Bollywood industry is considered a writer.” Is this the only technique left for making profit? Anyhow, pointless to rattle on about this new engine; instead one should find something appropriate and intelligible!


  1. quite true...times of india has become a garbage...even i have felt the same...down south,deccan chronicle is also slowly going the TOI way..c'mmon where else wud yu see something like '12 year old rapes school girl:City in a shock',kind of news every other day....
    as someone has rightly said,TOI has become india's toilet paper....!

  2. @nikhimenon: thank you for reading and commenting. And... 'India's toilet paper' man, that's straight up baizati! LMAO



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