Tuesday, October 11, 2011

‘Bol’ – a Pakistani film

I feel ‘Bol-less’ after watching this movie. I wanted to dedicate one of my article’s to this movie. Since the movie is directed by a Pakistani; comprehending the dialect was a challenge. Several times, I had to rewind some scenes and other times I just gave up. Nevertheless, I was able to fathom the purpose of this direction. For those who haven’t watched it yet, I won’t give away the entire movie. Giving birth to a girl is considered the biggest disappointment in many countries. Even today, I personally know few families who only and only believe in raising a boy instead of a girl. In an era where technology has advanced to its highest level and girls have proved them-selves to be no less than a man… WHY girls are considered a problem to a family? Can you name me one such thing which a man can do and a girl can’t? I bet you can’t come up with even a single answer.

Why is a woman forced to deliver babies one after another and asked to stop after a boy? It seems like it has become a culture to have a boy in the family, whatsoever. Why do we acknowledge such culture? Is it because we live in a male dominated society? I assume that the male dominated society is misconstrued about the woman power. Woman power does not mean that women’s want to reign over the world and defeat the men. It simply means that, “she can attain a top class education; she can financially support a family; she can protect herself; she can run a family; she can win the election; she can own a business; she can go to space; she can learn karate; she can hike to Mt. Everest; and she can ‘rebel’, if required!” So, why do we have gender discrimination in this world?

Another issue which gets me infuriated is the practice of polygamy in this world. Again, this makes the male society more dominating. From where do men get this authority to marry more than one woman? Is it just because they are male and hold some sort of natural power to control the world? Women would never think of practicing such notorious and heinous act. Then why do men? And why is it even allowed? Is to prove the fact that men are superior in this world…!? Such wrongdoings constitute to a loathsome reaction.

I’m facing a tough time concluding this article. I think, I should leave it as is because frankly speaking no one can cease this problem. Yes, I consider this a superior problem!


  1. So true.. I like d this post.. u have talked about the issue rather than the movie. Good post.



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