Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Going through writer’s block…

These days my mind is wandering way too much. At times, I start off writing about a topic and end up destroying it; just because it doesn’t seem worthy of my blog site. It’s like I have multiple thoughts running in the head but none of them are commendable enough to go on a paper. Have you been in such situation?

I feel so hesitant in scribbling fruitless topics. There are various writers’ I follow and read their blogs regularly… Sometimes, I gaze at their blog and think to myself, ‘what the hell, why didn’t I write on this issue? I even thought about it the other day.’ Maybe, I’m not proactive enough to autograph my thoughts and my feelings?! Whatever it is I’m going through is certainly not pleasurable. Because when I complete a blog, it’s an absolute content feeling. More like an accomplishment.

I initiated this blog with some fancy topic, however found myself suffering from writer’s block. And then decided to formulate exactly what I am experiencing at this very moment.

I hope the feeling is only temporary…

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