Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Satyemev Jayate

Bollywood actor Aamir Khan made television debut with his ambitious project, Satyemev Jayate (Truth Alone Prevails) past weekend on channel Star Plus. Evidently, Satyemev Jayate is a noble effort in offering social awareness on depicting society illness. This is certainly not a new concept (Rakhi Sawant hosted something similar) but having a biggest celebrity, Mr. Perfectionist, to host this show is definitely a new apprehension.

The first episode highlighted the evil malpractice of female foeticide. The show claimed that according to 2011 Census, “the rate at which the unborn female child is killed amounts of killing off 1,000,000 girls a year and there were 914 girls for every 1,000 boys.” Few women gathered the courage and appeared on the show to tell their dreadful saga. Each of these women went through the brutal torture of their in-laws family and aborted the unborn female child. One of the victims underwent six abortions in eight years; the other got mauled on face by her husband. It was very antagonizing to encounter cannibalism in today’s world. Another victim who belonged to a very educated family of doctors went through a nightmare during and after the pregnancy. How dreadful it is to watch a mother-in-law push a new born child down a flight of stairs? Still these women showed their braveness by speaking up in front of the entire country. Mostly educated people blame the rural villages for committing such sin however; it’s very well adopted by the upper class as well.

It is extremely sad to see how cruelly girls are being killed in the fetus itself. It is certainly a very painful process for the mother as well. The mother not only goes through the surgical process of abortion; she also lives her life in guilt of committing a murder. This eventually puts the mother in a depression which can become suicidal at one point. Getting pregnant is in itself a blessing. A mother feels special during her pregnancy; feeling of giving birth to a human being is probably the best feeling in this world. However, when one has to live with a sin of murdering their child; life becomes somber and mournful.

At times it gets very hard to understand the mentality of our society. Why do people think of girls as a burden; that too in this day n age? In the modern world, girls are competing with men in every field. They are also financially supporting their families, working in big companies, pursuing education etc. Then why do we still face gender discrimination? Why can’t the pregnant ladies stand up for themselves and their child? There should be stricter laws which should protect these girls in such situations.

One feels even more dismayed when they hear that the doctor performing the abortion is only a female doctor. Shouldn’t it be a doctor’s responsibility to convince the patient’s family and teach them how killing a child in fetus is actually a ‘Murder’? Why have we become so corrupt? It is so disheartening to see just for few hundred bucks; doctors damage a living person’s body and kill a baby fetus in uterus.

The other side of such misdeed was also shown by Aamir Khan. Because families choose to kill baby girls, there has been a downfall of females in our country. The ratio between men and women is only increasing by the day. In many rural places, hundreds of men are seeking a partner but cannot find any. In such desperate situations, families have to buy girls from different state and of different caste. And these girls are not treated with respect; in fact they have to please many guys.

It’s hard to digest the fact that our society is treating women in such a pathetic manner. One should never forget that we come from a country where we use the phrase ‘Jai Mata Di’ every day. Aren’t these girls a re-incarnation of Maa Saraswati? If giving birth to a girl child is a sin, then kneeling down and praying in a temple is wrong too. We must stop this madness. This show brought awareness on a very sensitive topic. And awareness is in itself a big tool which can decrease such wrongdoings overnight. Girls, who are in such vulnerable situation, should speak up. It is absolutely normal to fight for your respect and right. The only reason why this society is torturing us is because we are letting it happen. Promise yourself that you will not support this filthy practice of female feticide. It’s time to wake up…!

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  1. I agree with you and can almost relate to every thought on your posts esp the lines where this is happening because we are letting it happen

    Woman should stand up for their right and mostly they dont do it is also because we are still narrow minded and many ppl still look down upon divorcees or people without a man in the house.They become vulnerable .Hence we need to change as a society and look at things in a broad mentality so that woman can walk out of such marriages and be on their own!



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