Thursday, May 3, 2012

Vicky ‘Sperm Donor’ Arora

What a dhamakedaar sperm! Oh, I meant movie! From the start till the end; it’s all about Sperm and only Sperm. Vicky Arora [Ayushmann Khurana] is a sperm donor and living his life without any stress. The movie starts with Vicky’s widowed mother Mrs. Arora; who owns a small beauty parlor in Lajpat Nagar. She’s the typical loud, over-the-top, Punjabi mother who absolutely loves to irritate her son and mother-in-law at all times. Vicky’s grandmother is the only modern character you’ll find in the movie. It’s a complete shock to hear all the hi-fi English vinglish from her mouth.

Vicky plays a vella guy running around on Delhi streets without a care in the world. Until, Dr. Chadda; played by none-other-than Annu Kapoor spots him and declares him as the ‘Alexander of Sperms’. Dr. Chadda owns a fertility clinic and desperately seeks a sperm donor. It’s a treat to eyes and ears to see how Dr. Chadda convinces Vicky that, ‘donating sperm is indeed a good deed.’

On the other side, Vicky falls for Ashima Roy [Yami Gautam]. He’s so madly and deeply in love with her and tried every delhiwala trick to woo her. The chemistry between the two is spot on. The flirting almost gives you goose bumps because every guy and girl has been through such period in their life. Finally, they get married but the secret of donating sperm is kept under wraps.

The script of the film is marvelous. There wasn’t even one dull moment. From Lajpat Nagar roads to saas-bahu’s tu tu main main to typical Punjabi family drama; it’s a full on power packed movie. Ayushmann proved his presence in the industry. He’s a natural actor with endless talent. One doesn’t have to be born in a Bollywood khandaan; one should only have ability to act. Another special round of applause goes to Annu Kapoor. He’s the masala of this movie. According to him, this entire world is a sperm. And one doesn’t get bored to hear this word over and over. Every character played their part effortlessly.

It’s a super hit sperm, guys! Go for it…

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