Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sania Shoaib – Uncut

Enough! For those of you who have been constantly agitated by this story know exactly what I’m talking about. Sania Shoaib can elope and let the media focus on other things. However, it seems nothing is more important than the juicy, masala filled, controversial marriage of Sania & Shoaib.

Let me recap a bit! A twenty three year old girl who’s the highest ranked female tennis player ever from India. She is the first Indian woman to be seeded in a Grand Slam Tennis Tournament. We have established that she’s the best in her career. Now let’s talk about the looks and physique. Tall, slim, hour-glass figure, gorgeous! Last factor, a millionaire…
Moving on to the groom, Shoaib; ex-captain of Pakistan cricket team. Regarded as an all rounder bowls men. That’s it! Then what is it that has got this guy and Sania Mirza to get hitched? Well for Shoaib it’s definitely a damn hot sports player, all-rounder, world-wide known, richie-rich girl, and the perfectly-proportioned body. For Sania, its nothing but the suave macho-men look and his saucy sex appeal.

The story doesn’t end here. In every high-profile wedding there has to be a third party involved. And the third party is none-other-than an ex/current lover. Take any past famous weddings… Abhi-Ash alliance came with a huge controversy raised by some infamous girl named Jahanvi Kapoor. Her allegations created hoopla in the media by stating that she has a child with Abhi. Talk about height of desperation! Although, not sure if this desperation is for money or fame? This was a quite recent one, another old one is the smashing, dashing, heart-throb of millions in India and abroad; Hrithik Roshan. Hands down, his controversy took the Oscars. The third party involved was not some atrocious, infamous regular ‘mango people’, it was the diva herself; Kareena Kapoor. Only God knows how Hrithik bypassed that phase of his life.

In Mriza&Malik’s case it’s a girl named Ayesha, who actually claims to be his wife. Minorities like you and I can never tell if the story shown on the television is fiction or non-fiction. Ayesha states that she and Malik got married over the phone. Now, that’s another thing which I fail to understand. How can someone get married on the phone, I mean com’on? If all of it is true then how can a famous cricketer like Shoaib fall for someone who’s just a random girl? Let’s get serious, these high-profile people can through money and get the sexiest babe in town without even thinking twice. Ayesha played a clever game which certainly took her to heights in her life since she’s all over the news.

Anyhow, the wedding is done and Sania is officially Mrs. Malik. Congrats to her! Let’s wait for the reception now. By the way, the guestlist is provided at TOI; feel free to have a glimpse of that. After all, that’s what TOI is for; to check out who’s getting hitched and ditched. I wonder who’s next? Mirza’s certainly got their share of limelight across the globe. The whole thing is that ke bhaiya sabse bada Rupaiya… Mind it !


  1. These two are all over the news all the time...
    and all the media is there to cover them... goshhhh...