Friday, April 23, 2010

Legend walks amongst us!

His name strikes excellence, determination, talent, elegance and most of all simplicity. One can run out of words to describe the sheer virtue he showers on people around the world. I’m talking about none-other-than, the most famous, world-renowned, best batsmen ever, the one and only Master Blaster, Sachin Tendulkar.

From early age, he was the talk of the town. There was probably something attractive in his persona which made the other kids say, “yeh ladka kuch ban ke dikhayega…” Sachin started playing cricket at a very young age. Well, nothing fancy in that, I believe every boy who grew up in India learnt cricket from his mother’s womb. Nevertheless, Sachin was the chosen one! There was no doubt that he’d make our country proud one day. His race with the world started at the age of sixteen. An age when most guys are pre-occupied with flirting, girls, showing-off, absolutely non-sense conversation w/ their buddies and what not? Sachin was busy making history! In his first match against Pakistan, Sachin got the compliment of making ‘the best innings’ for a new-comer. And this guy increased his bar one step closer to being called as the Little Master or Master Blaster.

Before we knew it, he was declared as the Captain of Indian Cricket Team. At the age of 23, Sachin inherited the eminent crown of his career. With each of his achievements, he made gazillions of fans. Infact, there are people who portray him as their ‘Icon’.

But wait, it gets better! Earlier this year, Tendulkar made 100 in the first test and 106 in the first innings of the second test. I have a clear visual of that day in my mind. The entire nation went gaga over Sachin. FB statuses changed, enormous videos got updated on YouTube and possibly on every search engine. TOI had a separate column dedicated to Sachin and how he has progressed through his life. Rediff, HTimes, NDTV, IBNLive, BBC…name the news channel and all were wholly hallucinated by his victory. OMG, for a moment I felt Sachin took over the world. However, one thing shocked me completely! His interview… After being contemplated the champion of cricket around the world, he remained down-to-earth. The world did not encounter a mono-tone change or a huge show-off. Whereas our Bollywood celebrities require only one hit and BOOM, the world is at their mercy.

Sachin has a huge impact on every single men of India. Even a teenager dreams to be a Master Blaster one day. He is considered one of the most influential men of our country. I feel much honored to have an icon walk amongst us. Ohh paaji, tussi India di hope ho !

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  1. Thanks for writing something abt him... Very good article... Amazingly down to earth...