Wednesday, April 28, 2010

IPL + Modi = Hoax ?!?!?

Which is bigger in this day and age, IPL or Bollywood? Well, don’t scratch your head, everyone knows the answer already. IPL has taken Cricket, Glamour, Media, News, Super-star’s, Publicity, and Modi – to another level. The pinnacle of this league is endless. This certainly is one of the most watched, fascinating, heart-stopping, debatable scam of India.

Evidently IPL has taken cricket to new heights. Shilpa Shetty got her commission for exposure. Nita woo-ed the nation with her one colossal bounce on Harbhajan Singh. Mallya’s son got one of the blazing bimbo’s of B’town. SRK and Gauri seem not to create much hoopla in public. Ms. Zinta demonstrated her female power. Mandira Bedi got kicked out as the anchor because she lost her lusty charm [according to the media]. No straps, no show! Truth hurts, deal with it! And above all, Modi becomes a multi-Billionaire…! Not that he had a shortage of money in his Swiss bank. Lalit Modi – a guy who was born with a golden spoon in his mouth certainly made his name unforgettable.

The guy has made unaccountable money from IPL. Not only does he run the IPL, he also secretly owns stakes for the three IPL teams: Rajasthan Royals, Kolkata Knight Riders and Kings XI Punjab. Furthermore, he’s also entangled in controversies alleging for match fixing and betting in IPL games. Oh oh, lets not forget the very latest controversy of the documents gone missing from the BCCI headquarters which are worth $1.64 billion. So, let’s look at the whole scenario from a different perspective… Chennai Super Kings won the third season; something which didn’t seem right in the first place and then the very next day contract papers go missing from BCCI headquarters. Hmm…say-no-more; use your brain! After all, Indians are smart people!!!

It is obvious that after playing with such massive numbers the Income Tax department had to give a personal visit to Modi’s villa. There is substantial evidence to prove that he was involved in money laundering, match fixing and above all running a betting network across the world. But wait, all this info is provided by the media and who exactly supplies or sells this info to media; is hard to say! Let’s see if the court will do any justice. Not to mention even courts are run by the big goons in our country. How is it that every time these biggies escape every scam? -->$$$<--

So, after making tons and tons of money, being in news for three years, making a name all across the world, dipping all ten fingers/ten toes in deceit, manipulating ‘the-mango-people’ of India; BCCI decides to suspend Modi sir. Obviously, the guy will not resign. Infact, no one will. Consider yourself making tons of money by a scam and all of a sudden some department puts a stop on it. Heck no! Ain’t happening in 21st century! Modi has acquired enough money and knows exactly how to stay in the game. As a matter of fact, he is the game!

IPL season three came with a big bang in the nation. By the way, thank God for turning the cameras away from Shashi Tharoor and Sunanda Pushkar. The guy resigned, and Ms. Sue got enormous publicity on hand. Mademoiselle surely knows how to live life king-size! Looks like the hottest thing to buy these days is the IPL team. No wonder, Sue got her share in Kochi team w/ the help of our very own Union Minister.

Be it Politics, Cricket or Bollywood; all use the same funda "Follow the money"


  1. God Sonu! I never knew you could be a writer..that too a good one..but this certainly is cool! a must read! :)

  2. U getting better day by day.. Very nice article..
    However we must not forget the contribution of modi towards making IPL such a huge hit and moreover providing lot many employment..

  3. Modi "sir", who definitely is involved in the IPL scam will not resign, where as the educated guy like Shashi Tharoor resigned. I pity them all!

  4. Rashika - Thanks hun!
    Kapil - couldn't agree w/ you more but cannot bypass the truth either. The truth should come out in the open!
    Nishtha - Yup, I pity them all, too!



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