Monday, December 19, 2011

Male Dominated Society

While surfing through the net, I came across a rape story from Afghanistan. It seems like it has become a norm to read such stories on the news. Instead of presuming a downfall, one can only find more and more of such horrendous acts all across the globe. The reason why I’m composing an article on this particular story is because I’m disgusted by our so-called-society and their so-called-laws. A girl named Mumtaz was raped by her cousin’s husband four years ago. Firstly, the girl got raped and was announced life-long sentence to prison. For a common man it’s hard to understand this concept. She’s the victim not the rapist, why is she getting sentenced to prison? Secondly, to grant her, her life back; the court asked her to marry the rapist/legitimize her daughter or remain locked up in prison for life with her daughter. Since when did the victims started serving jail time?

According to the society law, Mumtaz has to marry her rapist only because the rapist can give her a dignified life. Well, according to me, this is clearly male chauvinism. It can’t be considered an impartial and unprejudiced society to all beings. This is just a male dominated society. Is that why the authorities let the rapist go scot-free? Because the rapist is a male… Why can’t a girl make her own living without the support of a male? Why do we have such biased people living in this world? It’s so depressing to see how girls are dejected by our society in so many countries. It may not be highly visible to you and me living in this century but the truth is that it still exists. This can still be considered number one problem in this world. We can blurt out as much as we want about ‘women power’ and how women’s are ruling the world; becoming CEO’s; beating the male race in education system and so on… However, take a trip to a rural village and you’ll know who’s playing the cards. 4 out of 10 girls are getting the best education; working in top-notch companies; hold either an upper hand or equality in a marriage. BUT there are still 6% of girls who can’t achieve any of this. They have problems. Problems which deal with society. Society which compels them to follow absurd and meaningless rules. Rules which are mostly in favor of men. And men rule the world. Period.


  1. I am shocked to read the fact of the girl Mumtaz, its an eye opening article, keep the good work up Divya.

  2. Thank you Philip. Yes, it is shocking and we live in such a world... Sad