Monday, December 5, 2011

Dirty Picture – Ms. Bombaat Balan

Dirty Picture is wholly dedicated to Vidya Balan. She is sheer excellence in the industry. I was appalled to see her bold role in ‘The Dirty Picture’. Only she could’ve done justice to the role of Silk Smitha. No other actress can take such colossal step in their career of distorting their hour glass figure for a role like Silk. Vidya must have received countless accolades by almost every viewer and all types of celebrities. From the beginning to the end, there wasn’t a single scene boring or a drag. Her every move, every dialogue, every act, every thumka, deserves a huge applaud. It’s so hard to digest the fact that Vidya gained all that weight just for this movie. Not only did she gain the extra baggage, she also flaunted the tires, the love handles, her bulky arms and huge legs without any hesitation. The erotic and vulgar scenes were performed by such ease and comfort – again this calls for applause!

This movie made me Google Silk Smitha. She was a reigning queen of South movies at her time. She sure had to deal with a lot of criticism because of her amatory and kinky-ness in every role. Silk was considered the masala entertainment in a movie; which, in return made the box office go bling-bling. Even after Silk’s demise, her role turned out to be $gold$ for one lady! Ekta Kapoor did it once again. She knows exactly how to give a blockbuster hit. For some reason, she always puts all the right elements together and makes a big masala picture.

It’s so hard to imagine Vidya Balan [who is considered not erotic at all] in a sexy role. I still wonder how and what made Ekta approach Vidya for Silk’s portrayal. Even after this role, Vidya can never be considered ‘vulgar’. She’s too good to be trademarked as ‘cheap’ or ‘gross’. While watching the movie, it daunted me how much weight she’ll need to shed after this movie? Nerve-wrecking! Post this role, Vidya is definitely top class actress. All the other actresses must take a bow in front of her including Mrs. Rai B, Ms. Chopra, and Ms. Kapoor!

You need entertainment, entertainment, entertainment in a movie…and Vidya is the ‘entertainment’ in Dirty Picture!!!

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  1. I agree.. THis movie was Vidya's show all through the way and I can't imagine anyone else doing such a thing... She is the next superstar we were waiting for after Madhuri. She has the histrionics of Smita Patil and the glamour of Madhuri... She will be another gem from the south like Vyjayanthimala, Sridevi, Rekha and Hema