Monday, November 28, 2011

Sr. B, Jr. B, and now Baby B

So the hoopla can increase by the second now. Baby B has arrived with full Dhamaka. Gosh, I doubt anyone’s baby got this much coverage from the media. Seems like this baby will get pampered by the entire India and Indians living abroad. Seriously…no kidding!

Let’s recap a bit of when this baby was still in a womb. Every site I visited had something or the other about Aishwariya and her pregnancy. Firstly readers were uncertain if Ash was preggers or not? Later on she got entangled in the huge controversy of Madhur Bhandarkar’s Heroine and how she kept the pregnancy news under wraps before signing. Then the nautanki arrived if she has a bump or not? Another drama was the wardrobe she chose to present herself in front of media. Hiding that bump and all. And it went on and on… Aish was all over the world; it was hard to neglect her in any shape or form. The Bahurani delivered baby girl…my Gosh, what a news! Messages started pouring in from every corner of the world. Thereafter every move of the Bachchan clan became separate news. More like top news! I follow Sr. B on Twitter and I can’t stress enough on the type of news he shared with the world. To me, they are just hypocrites. Earlier they tried to portray how ‘sant’ they are in hiding the bump and presenting Aish as the only ‘sati-savitri’ alive and later without hesitation announced to the world every nitty gritty detail about Aish’s pregnancy. That too by Sr. B not her husband but her father-in-law. Ahh…what a cheap act? Bachchan’s FAM bam is a bizarre world!

Wonder what will be next big news? Any guesses…

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