Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What a wonderful Birthday!

For me, November 21st is the bestest day of the year – believe it or not! I adore the month of November every year.

My birthday kick started sharp at midnight. The surprise planned by my hubby and all the cousins was truly remarkable. I should’ve been able to figure this but no, my brain is not that sharp. I’m the last person on Earth who will never be able to spoil a surprise. I entered my house at midnight and was taken aback with the candles, balloons, cake, lights off. For a second it daunted me if I opened my own house or someone else’s? The guys screamed at the top of their lungs and gave a full shock to me. Afterwards, the normal ritual began. Birthday song; blowing the candle; wishing; and cake cutting. Black Forest never goes wrong…YUM! I must confess that I probably gained a few extra pounds because of this delicious monster.

While this entire episode was taking place, I kept thinking about the huge thing sitting in my living room covered with a big sheet. Finally, everyone asked me to proceed towards the surprise gift. The minute I uncovered the gift, I went into a shock mode and turned around to look at my hubby. I could not believe my own eyes. It was a Telescope. A gift I never expected to buy until I had some heft moolah in my pocket. I was and still am completely impressed with the gift.

Next morning, as always phone calls started pouring in and I had to give everyone at least twenty some minutes. My conversation can never be of couple minutes! It was very hard struggling between work and all the wishes but I was able to manage it. The evening started off with a fantastic dinner at Sakura Restaurant. I couldn’t have picked any other place. The chef’s at that restaurant sure know how to keep everyone’s attention intact. Totally worth it! A special shout to my bro who prepared the most incredible speech. I received an unexpected gift from him.

The last but not the least plan was bowling. We girls rule everywhere, every time and so we won!!!

Thank you all! It was an unforgettable day… xx

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