Monday, November 7, 2011

The Kardashian ‘nautanki’

Well, we all knew it wasn’t going to last long. Ms/Mrs., [I really don’t know how to address her;] Kim Kardashian wanted a fairytale wedding and all the attention in the world. She never said she wanted to maintain a relationship or a marriage. The very minute the news came out, Twitter started pouring in tweets about Kardashian divorce and infact she was all over the trend column! One of them was #ThingslongerthanKimsmarriage. It certainly made everyone roll off the floor laughing. One can contribute an entire day in reading all the tweets made on this ‘trend’.

She holds a billion dollar empire in her pocket. She knows every tactic to stay on top and in public attention. Now that she’s on the highest peak of her career; she’s exploring the international markets as well. Recently I heard [not sure if it was a rumor] how she wants to be an ‘item girl’ in a Bollywood film. She also traveled to Dubai to introduce her product line. She has more followers on Twitter than Barack Obama. She is always on channel E! She has her wedding marathon constantly running on E! There’s no way you can avoid her on magazines cover while shopping. She annoys me to the core while watching Bigg Boss or KBC on internet with her irritating California advertisement. She not only made herself a product but her entire family gets footage. The whole family loves to be part of mega controversies. Super duper, hi-fi people!

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