Thursday, November 10, 2011


This happened to be my 100th article. Believe it or not! It bewilders me how fast life is running. I can reminiscence over my past through my articles.


Sushil Kumar – if you watch Kaun Banega Crorepati 5, you very well know whom I’m talking about. The simple, down-to-Earth man won 5 crore rupees on KBC5. He’s the first to win that sum in this show. A man whose income merely satisfied the necessities of a family hopes for a secured future. KBC regenerated his life. The way Sushil Kumar kept himself totally intact throughout the game was marvelous. He spoke sensibly and after answering every question turned around to pay respect to his elders. I also fancied the way he spoke to AB Sr.; unlike some other contestants who would just ramble on weird and non sense stuff. Sushil Kumar showed such eagerness to continue studying and writing a book. I was appalled by his nature. I recall when I graduated from college; I decided not to pick up another book for a long time. The guy seemed so focused in life. The old days are long gone for him. The new life is filled with contentment and hope. Let’s all wish him good luck in his new life!!!

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