Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Women & Society

Why do we go by this meaning-less society? What does one gets out of it? Why does a woman suffers in our society? There are countless examples out there which can make you insane, if read. Infact, if one surfs though a news engine, the only news that attracts attention is ‘a woman gets beaten up’, ‘women got raped’, ‘women commits suicide’, and women this, women that... Why can’t there be equality among both genders? Is it because of a simple reason that we live in a ridiculous, degrading and shallow society? Many girls living in 21st century do fight back and balance their relationship with men. However, what about the women who still breathe under a huge pressure? And the women who constantly live in fear of their husband’s rage and don’t step a foot outside without the permission of their swami. There are so many bastards living in many countries who knowingly murder their daughters. And if, by some miracle she survives, she will get murdered by her so-called-life-partner.

Ever wondered what is the actual meaning of a life-partner? According to my perception, a life-partner is someone who won’t let go of your hand under any given circumstances. And mind you that is for eternity. A relationship requires equality on every step of the ladder. A couple, if commingled together, can overcome any crisis. However, if dominated by one other then a complete havoc for each other. Anyhow, the whole point of this concise article was not to give lecture or a tutorial on ‘how to become a good life-partner’. At times, one can feel too aggravated with the way things are turning around the globe. I just felt like blurting things out in this article.

With the show of hands, do you have such life-partner?


  1. With all due respect to the sentiments behind the post, the males of today aren't that bad as the ones last gen. Give our breed some time!

  2. Mr. MangoMan, there are no sentiments hidden behind this post. LOL...
    I did drop by at your blog, seems quite interesting. And oh btw, thanks for the 'like' at Ms. De's blog.

  3. Every man is not a dog like some.. There are many who consider the girls as lakshmi and respect them.

  4. Abhilash, not doubting your judgement but there are countless dogs still out there...



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