Friday, December 3, 2010

KWK klashes with Kapoor klan

Well well, so everyone is aware of Karan’s episode with Sonam and Deepika and a fuming R. Kapoor. It seems like the Koffee antagonized Rishi more than Ranbir. Why shouldn’t it? The man has stayed extremely loyal and trustworthy all his life. A very dotted husband to Neetu Singh. However, Ranbir isn’t! He is a complete Casanova. The fact is a little hard to digest, but, Sr. Kapoor himself flaunted his son’s flirtatious skills in the previous KWK episode. Tit for Tat!!! Anyhow, let’s leave the Kapoor men aside. I’m more interested in prattling about the two ladies. Sonam and Deepika have been clashing from the beginning. Both had their first releases on the same date in the same year. Deepika marked her name with SRK in Om Shanti Om and Sonam acted [or tried to] in Saawariya with Ranbir Kapoor. Sonam is a complete spoilt brat and takes full advantage of her daddy’s name and fame. She and Ranbir go way back. They flirted, they dated; end of story!

Coming back to Deepika. Coincidentally, she bagged the role of a complete blockbuster and became the khara sona of B’town. She’s got the bod, the looks and considered a hell of a dancer! BUT, the minute she opens her mouth, her personality goes down the drain. And now, switching gears to her love-life. Apparently, she grabbed the Casanova of the Kapoor clan and held on to him firmly. However, Mr. Casanova had other plans!!! Naturally, for a guy who was born with a golden spoon in his mouth, hopping around different women is not a big issue. Ranbir has the Kapoor tag with him; image is the last thing he’s concerned about. Am I right?

Karan’s episode surely created the hoopla around the tinsel town but opened a can of worms with the Kapoor’s. The girls had a ball at the show and did the usual thing: bitched about their ex! Which, by the way, is the common factor between them two’… So, one can imagine the amount of gossiping and back-biting. However, it seems ‘private and confidential’ has leaked and became ‘open to public’.

Sirji, Koffee badi mehngi pad gayi…


  1. Hi! I had missed the episode of KWK.....however i have heard and read quite a lot about that episode! lets just say that celebs have a life of their own.....we all do...but their's is a little wierd...who dates whom, when how and whom they end up with is always a Q??!!

    Good write up! do visit my blog when u have the time :)

  2. This celebs dont have any religion and ethics. they can speak anything and they can do anything in front of the camera. Never give importance to the things these celebs speak. I never write articles and blogs on celebs bcoz I know they can turn their sentences any time...



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