Saturday, December 25, 2010

My new found addiction…

So, a couple weeks back my brother downloaded a mega file filled with countless documentaries on Space. From Sun to Pluto to Earth to Mars to the under-production, biggest ever Space center. Name the discovery and it’s embedded in the Space package. At first it was ridiculously boring to sit through a forty seven minute long video and listen to some guy who discovered something above our big blue marble and the world went gaga over it... However, slowly and gradually, I started to gain some interest in it and before I knew it I was totally hooked to their new discoveries.

It was fascinating to see the two Robots, Spirit & Opportunity land on Mars and their findings on how water might have been on Mars some million years ago. The expected time of this mission was only 90 days; however, the two Robots astonished the entire NASA team by being operable for six years. Also, I was very amused to see how scientist just sensed that Pluto should not be a planet and later proved the theory right. Impressive, isn’t it? I must say, NASA employees relish their jobs way too much. One day they are experimenting in Arizona and another in a container with no gravity. Is it really exciting or just looks good in the documentary? Hard to answer! Oh well, I’m still amused… While browsing a little more into the package, I came across a documentary on Sun. It’s really a miracle how our planet Earth is at a perfect distance to Sun to sustain life on our planet. At the same time, Sun can also act as a perfect destructor of human race. No wonder NOAA keeps a very close eye on our Sun.

For the past few days, each time I look at the sky, I’m too engrossed in our Moon. Luckily we had a full moon and infact a lunar eclipse on 21st December. Even while driving, I gaze at the moon more than on the road. Call it a crazy thought but if there’s a lottery ticket for space, I’d buy it in no time…

Switching gears now…

I’m posting my 50th article and absolutely elated to share this happiness with all my readers. It’s a sheer feeling of bliss to see each and every comment on my blog site and Facebook. Thank you to all… I hope to compose many more articles in the coming year!


  1. Wow. so good that this year u have completed your 50 th post.. very nice.. wonderful and happy that u got engaged in the video which is sumthing important and effective... Now u know sumthing more than others about space... right? keep watching these things.. good mam.

  2. Oh yeah, infact I'm too engrossed. Thanks for the nice words :)

  3. care to share the documentaries plz....

  4. Ashish, download Space on utorrents and you'll have every single one of them.