Friday, January 21, 2011

Justice for Jessica…anyone?

So, finally I saw No One Killed Jessica. A girl found shot dead because she refused to give a drink to a fellow who turned out to be the son of a wealthy politician. From this incident, we have established that a common man’s value is less than a drink! 300 high society socialites’s; grooving to the taal of bollywood music; drenched in desi daaru; and ‘BANG’ a girl found dead. Pretty much everyone witnessed the entire murder or the aftermath. However, the police failed to present a single witness when it came to deliver justice to the poor girl. Reason…witnesses found solace in bribe than sachai...

Totally understandable! You know why, because at the end of day sabko apni jaan pyari hai! Even the cops were corrupt. When the authorities and the judicial system itself are imposing the righteousness of bribery then who are we to blame the common man? Sabrina Lal, sister of Jessica, ran door to door; personally met the witnesses; infact, she was forced to give money to one of them and still no justice… Basically, if one’s not rich, one has no right to live..? I was so aggravated to see the injustice in our country that I felt helpless and enraged. It was Sabrina who decided not to shed one tear until the murderer was proven guilty; it was Sabrina who fought for ten straight years and still fighting; it was Sabrina who begged witnesses to speak the truth; it was Sabrina who lost her sister and later her mother; it was her! Government itself is so highly corrupt that a murderer proudly walks around the roads of Delhi or Mumbai.

One cannot even imagine how traumatized a family gets around such time. I personally knew someone who has been through a similar incident. And believe me; the amount of pressure is thrown on family members by society, neighbors, and friends leads to a simple solution. No need of mentioning the solution, my reader’s are smart enough to interpret.

From life to death, everything is bikao…


  1. Your anguish is understandable, but has the society of humans supposed to be better than what it is today? Most of the heroic acts of great kings, governments, deities too - they had elements of intrigue, injustice, racialism...
    The best we can do is to ensure that we do the right thing and influence our progeny, students, subordinates etc with our deeds. Isn't it?

  2. r.k.p very well said! Totally agree with you!



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