Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Love is in the air…

Finally, the day has arrived to appreciate the opposite sex. In this fast paced life, it’s good to have 14th February dedicated only for your loving partner. From tomorrow onwards, folks will appreciate other things. However, today is wholly allotted only for love. V-day wishes are flying all across the world. Phone companies are relishing the endless sms’s sent on this day, Hallmark is partying hard with lumps of profit, brand new love advertisements are shinning on all channels, diamond industry is having a gala time and the flower shop is doing exceptionally well!

I walked to the nearest grocery store and gawked at the price tags on beautifully red roses placed right in front of the door. I bet the scenario is very similar at all the grocery stores, florist shops and pretty much everywhere. Companies out there exactly know when to hit the consumer hard. It’s a trap… a trap which is unavoidable. Cheesy as it sounds but I glanced through the valentine pictures flaunted by Khloe Kardashian on Twitter. Her husband did a fantastic job by sending her hundreds of flowers; that company must be feeling blessed to have customers like them!

Anyhow, this was just a bit of gossip I wanted to share with all my readers. I presume Valentine’s was celebrated by all the couples in a very subtle manner. And G’luck to all the companies out there who are waiting for February 14, 2012. Hope we stay alive by that time…

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  1. LOL...first its December 21st 2012 the so called last day, but they have now changed the date so don't worry. Second yes i worked that day and man the lines were endless non stop, first time i ever felt that we were "BUSY" enuff i was just wishing the lines would stop and they did the last 15 mins of my shift.



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