Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Imported from India…!

It's not oil, food, or clothing, it's the People who get imported from India. Next time you walk by the IT/Systems/Engineering department at work, stop and look around. How many Indian head can you spot? Undoubtedly, Indian brain power is par excellence. We might not have the best of dormitories or the fancy restrooms or even the local roads but we rule the entire world when it comes to the IT industry. The education a student gets in India is beyond comparison. In US, a student is ‘undecided’ on his/her major even after the admission to a college. However, in India it’s the total opposite, a student decides his/her career in 8th standard only. Considered more like a destiny!!!

Few years ago I heard stories of how teenagers are inventing games in their free time and selling it at a marvelous price. When you’re studying in India, the mind set of a student is on a completely different level. Youngsters who migrate to US for Masters or MBA consider the syllabus to be a piece of cake. Life cannot get better for them, at least grade wise. Infact, during my school years, I too acknowledged myself to be very intelligent in one of my Math classes. Oh man, those were the days! Universities in India make you fully marketable for any and every company out there. The entrance exams are tougher than you can imagine in your wildest dreams. Students loose sleep over it, skip meals, and go fully bonkers. If you pass, OMG, it’s literally celebrated with Band Baja Baraat. Well, that’s just the beginning; the reality starts with the first day of lecture. In US, it’s a totally different drill. From schooling to university to courses to graduation. A student has the leisure of graduating at his/her own pace. No pressure, no worries!

One can have an endless debate over the education provided in US and India. However, when it comes to earning money; it’s US all the way. Irrespective of how much a person earns in India, it automatically multiplies by 45 when gained in US. No wonder, more than eighty percent of IIT graduates end up making a living in US. I’m sure all the gora people envy the Indians for their brilliance. Our intelligence and rapid growth forced the most known and famous television network [NBC] to produce a show on us. You got that right; I am referring to ‘Outsourced.’ The show is fantabulous and hilarious. So, watch out World, we are catching up to you way too fast!


  1. don't you think that was mean spirited of you to gloat over somebody's problems (in this case the american people). Don't you think that indians get all these opportunities because all that the americans established all these years. btw, indian IT people are mostly in service sector-servicing others. most of the innovative RnD development is still done by american-we just wait for them to do all the real work and when it's done we just show up to start using them right away. and maybe that is why everyone wants to live that american dream-there's nothing like indian dream, nobody in their right mind want to live it.

  2. @ Krunal, It's been a long time since I saw a comment from your side. I somewhat agree with your views but then again if only Indians had the strength to build everything from scratch and only focus of India rather than providing for foreign countries then people wouldn' run after the 'American Dream'... :)

  3. Nonetheless, one cannot beat India's education! Bet, you'll agree with me on this one :P

  4. er..again..I dont think other than a few insitutions like the IIT and IIM, there are any other stellar institutions in India.
    I work with many of these Indian engineers and I can tell you quantity is not equal to quality.
    Thier work ethics, work quality, communications skills suck!!
    How many Indian Engineers could actually build something compared to a US educated engineer.
    The Indian education system is Ratta maro...keep crammin crap without understanding basic concepts. No questions can be asked to the teacher.
    Compare that to the american system..which is much easier, superior and productive.
    In India, with 1.5 billion people living in a land the 1/4 the size of the US. Life is tough, people just want to get the heck outta there by hook and crook.

  5. ^There are alsways two sides to a coin. :)



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