Friday, July 21, 2017

Tu darr mat

This time I tried something different. Instead of writing a blog, I decided to write a poem. Hope you like it.

Tu darr mat,
Hataash na ho,
Niraash na ho,
Yeh duniya tujhe girayegi, rulayegi.
Tu samna kar,
Gira de uss shaitaan ko,
Hila de uss parvat ko,
Jo tujhe de chunauti.
Bhool mat,
Tujhse hi hai yeh duniya,
Teri hai yeh duniya,
Tu darr mat.
Himmat mat haar,
Karle buland hausla,
Tu hi hai Chandi,
Tu hi hai Kaali,
Tune hi karni hai, uss shaitaan ki sawaari.

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