Friday, July 7, 2017

Lipstick under my burkha!

Yes, the subject line is quite hatke. I couldn’t resist myself and had to write this blog. By the way, I have had a writer’s block for quite some time now. 4 years to be precise. In these past four years, I started to write many blogs but couldn’t continue on or even finish one. I have been succumbed to my daily chores and two of my beautiful daughters. I guess that’s my excuse. Ha!

Oh well! Lately I’ve been drawn to all the celebrities posting their selfie’s holding a lipstick and showing the middle finger. Then I saw the hashtags of Lipstick under my burkha and instantly youtube-d the trailer of this film. Surely, I got an idea it’s a creation of none other than Ekta Kapoor. In our Bollywood industry, she’s the only woman who actually has balls to showcase feministic films. I believe by now, as a reader, you would want to take a look at the trailer of this film. But, hold that thought…

More than the trailer, I believe I’m attracted towards how other actresses are doing free publicity of the film. And it’s not the film they are publicizing; actually it’s their own share of struggles, battles, pain, and tussles which they had to go through being a woman. Every woman has witnessed some form of discrimination, bigotry or inequality. It could’ve been in a business setting or a household or even walking down the street. I think these films speak common people’s mind and experiences. I know women who faced problems with their promotions just because they were a female. I know women who couldn’t wear what they felt like just because it wasn’t appropriate or didn’t meet the basic standards (of women). I know women who couldn’t talk out loud just because girls are supposed to act polite and mature. I know women who can’t say ‘bad words’ just because it’s only a male’s right to openly curse. I know women who had to face shame just because she gave birth to a baby girl. I know women who want to get out of a trouble and disturbed marriage but can’t just because of the humiliation in our society.

Come to think of it, how does a society form? Who creates such rules and conditions for male and females? Isn’t it the individuals working together for mutual benefit? But how exactly is this society benefiting the females? I’d say screw the society! If only, women in every corner of our country can stop taking their own gender as a weakness, we can overcome every battle. And, I would like to remind you, equations are changing very rapidly. Capable and strong women who are completely fed up are finally waking up and soon it will become a reality. A reality where women is not considered kamzoor.

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