Monday, September 13, 2010

Daaarling tere liye…!

Chulbul Pandey – probably the most dashing, amicable, and a complete Dabangg man on-screen and off as well. Yeah, it’s true; Sallu miyan has an endless fan-following. Dabangg created magic on the screen. Khan-dan knew their audience and used all the right masala for their movie. In our B’wood industry, no other actor can pull off this role. The promos had the entire nation hooked to the screens. Each time Munni came on screen; junta went completely bonkers with her. She sure got badnaam but I guess in a good way. Munni – only five minute coverage in the entire movie, however, acted as the tadka [key part] of the film. The lady looked outrageously fabulous in her item number. She sure knows how to nachao the mango people on her finger tips. Infact, munni badnaam sms jokes are already in circulation on everyone’s mobile.

Switching gears onto a fresh face introduced to the nation. Sonakshi Sinha, daughter of the very famous veteran actor, charming looks combined with killer eyes, and a perfect bod [actually this particular attribute doesn’t need a special mention as it’s pretty much the only thing required in our film industry]. I think she did justice to her role by not over-acting or creating much brouhaha during the promotion of her debut release. A special thanks to Manish Malhotra for her backless blouses and the simple yet elegant sari’s. I am passionately moved by her tere mast mast do nain song. While vacationing in India, I got amused by the repetition of this song on every radio station. Literally gave the goosebumps.

The movie is a complete funtertainer and a mast watch. Chulbul Pandey with his cheesy lines, his cry me a river kind-of love for his mother, his absurd first encounter with Sonakshi, his ray-ban sunglasses, amazingly choreographed dance sequence where he fiddles his buckle of the belt in the most provocative way and a special mention for the shirt ripping off scene. I must say, give it away to the Khan Parivaar for this, a very hatke scene. If only I knew how to maaro a seeti… Solid impact hai, bhai! By the way, delighted to see Dimple on the screen. Hope she’s here to stay. Sonu Sood gave a khulla competition to Sallu with his almost 6-pack. However, he lacked in ripping off his kurta with the help of his will power. It takes a whole lot of gut to base the entire movie’s load on one man’s shoulder – Salman Khan. It is proven that at times junta cares less about the script and only cares about their superhero. Chulbul was spotted in every scene in his own chulbul-ness. The director probably did another peeni hai party after glancing at the box-office report. The gamble paid off, that too with a hefty amount. For once, badnaam munni benefited all…!


  1. Wow!! This article is compelling me to watch this movie!!! Here i come munni

  2. It was another brainless entertainer....the one where you just need to switch everything off an enjoy...very nice behind the screen work.

    But not something you'd want to watch if you were serious about going for a movie.



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