Monday, September 20, 2010

This & That

This article is not dedicated to some distinctive person or any exclusive topic and it’s nowhere near any controversy. It simply talks about the nitty-gritty stuff occurring in day-to-day life. People get so habitual of their routine life. An ordinary week drags on for five days. And a weekend passes by in one blink of an eye. Because I hail from the business world, I do realize the seriousness of having a two day weekend. At the crack of the dawn on Friday, my colleagues, friends, family get fully prepared to start off the weekend at 5 PM. Some people tend to leave as early as possiblel. I do too, at times.

Last weekend was like no other for me. While entering the house around six-ish, I found a housefull gala with my extended family as well as immediate. As I sat down and enjoyed the oil plus calorie filled pakora’s cooked by mom, we all gazed at the television. Later on, everyone resisted the oily-ness…ughhh! At night, bro and I decided to watch Jurassic Park III. Re-lived the magic created by that movie in the old days. While dozing off, I decided to catch up on one more episode of Lost. Yes, I’m still marathoning it. I was determined to hit the gym next morning. During wee hours, mother knocked on the door and my dream got crushed in a flash. Its fine, probably some random dream… My mind debated on when should I go to the gym? Morning passed by, afternoon passed by and before I knew I got excessively bored. After much thought, I concluded that I should go for window shopping. Called up my little cousin, picked her up and ended up in Wal-Mart. Probably the most favorable place of all desis. Purchasing was done in no time and the damage was adequate. Kiddo and I decided to walk over to a food plaza and the Thai restaurant became enchanting. I blissfully relished my Drunken Noodles entrée with a virgin strawberry banana colada while my company decided to load up on some Pad-Thai and a non-diet coke. Mouth-watering… Saturday ended!

Sunday – for the first time ever, I tasted Georgetown Cupcakes. Mmm…mmm…good! That was my reaction. I got amused by the number of people on the street. My friend and I also stood in line for about forty minutes. However, it was worth the wait! That’s when I discovered about the DC Cupcakes show on TLC. The prices are very affordable and delicious-ness savored in my mouth like heaven. A while later, the two of us got on with the usual thing girls do on a day out. Shopping! Yup, apparently Georgetown is not too pricey. Very affordable, if you plan to visit the clearance section!!! Lunch was at Clyde’s, food was an average because of their constant modifications in the menu, and I can never summon the names of my favorite entrée’s. Oh well, while strolling towards the waterfront area and enjoying the sexiness of the weather, both of us conversed about our busy life. Two seconds later, I tripped and made a fool out of myself in front of everyone. Nothing worse happened but yeah, our date was ruined in an instant. While resting at home, my awesome sisters came over with some yummy food cooked by one of them. Chole were finger-licking good. Aur bas, weekend khatam, work shuru! Sooo, have a wonderful week, everyone!

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