Monday, October 4, 2010

Let the game begin – CWG 2010 New Delhi, India

Marvelous and jaw-dropping opening ceremony of Commonwealth Games in our India. I am wholly speechless to see the entire nation unite at this very proud time. I doubt if there was even a single true Indian who did not get a glimpse of the biggest gala ever in our very own country. The moment I got up and caught myself surfing through the TOI website, my whole body rejuvenated to see even the smallest clipping of the fire crackers shooting at the sky at Nehru Stadium; the 40 crore aerostat [helium gas balloon] showcasing multitude of pictures/videos of our rich heritage and bestowing a warm welcome to all the participating countries [money well-spent]. Jumbo Dhols, Drums, Dholak’s and Nagada’s echoed from ten different corners of the stadium. A small kid with Tabla in his hands had the entire nation grooving to his Taal. Couldn’t resist myself and gave it in by doing a couple of thumka’s…! Every country marched in were given a clamorous applaud while the drums rolled and the lights twinkled. Loud and proud, the Oscar winner, Mr. A R Rehman gave a spectacular performance. Also, not-so-forgotten Shibani Kashyap mesmerized the assembly with her hatke awaaz. In those three spellbinding hours, Delhi was lit up with lights and colours to present a properly conceived and exquisite show.

Traffic was a complete havoc as everyone was rushing towards the stadium to capture the best moment of their life. With all the cultures coming together and representing India as one dignified power, the whole planet went into a silent mode. As one of my aunt’s wrote on her Facebook status, “CWG opening was just "STUPENDOFANTABULOUSLY FANTASTIC", India ROCKS, Delhi ROCKS. Proud to be an INDIAN. Sabsey Aage Honge HINDUSTANI... to that my reply was, ‘Indeed’. The real show-stoppers of the ceremony were Prince Charles with his wife Camilla and Pratibha Patil accompanied by Manmohan Singh and Suresh Kalmadi. Even though, the public hissed while Kalmadi gave his special speech, it mattered to the very least. No one was willing to ruin the entire ceremony only because the small kids pulled together a praiseworthy performance to present every culture of our country and the aerostat which was closely monitored by masses because their a** was on fire. They knew the world had their eye set on them. Had there been any accident, it would have invited chaos for the whole nation.

Everyone bypassed the controversies, corruption, Kalmadi, the entire hoopla of CWG games and ceased the moment to enjoy every bit of the ceremony. Even with so many predicament and complications, we showed our alliance to the whole world. Oh well, let bygones be bygones, for now. I’m not alleging to completely neglect the whole corruption issue but I won’t spoil the mood since the whole country united once again. Dost, this is what India is all about. We bash up each other if required and we stand united when needed [the most].

As a proud Indian, I sign off on my article.

3 Cheers for Mera Bharat Mahaan…!



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