Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Baap of controversies – BIGG BOSS

Bigg boss – a complete funtoosh, masala filled and a highly controversial show. It’s said, seven out of ten people want to be a part of this lunatic show. Initially, the concept started in UK as Big Brother. However, by the time, India latched on to this delirious idea; the name got changed to Bigg Boss. The amount of publicity this show gets will make you go bonkers. Some allege that its’ a scripted drama. Many would perceive it as ‘propaganda’, however, the actual reality can only be revealed by the director and the actors [inmates].

Season four started with a big bang as the chor aka Bunty was banished from the BB house on the very first day. That is when I found out the main culprit of Oye lucky, lucky oye. Oh well, the Waqeel, Chambal queen, the two faced bit**, malai-marke, the seductress, love birds, the Khali, naag and the so called pehelwan are still there to create tremendous nautanki and atrociousness. Back – biting, bitching, abusing, gossiping, lying, slandering are some common factors one should have to stay intact in the show. The lesser you create the drama, the more chances you have of getting evicted. Simple rule of the show!!! Oh by the way, Pehelwan tried his best to become the Captain of the house by getting everyone on his side and leaving the masoom Sameer all alone. But all the melodrama didn’t lure much public’s attention. Infact, it didn’t even generate much TRP for the channel or the show. And then the director thought of a sudden surprise for all the inmates. Bigg boss dropped the bomb on all of them at six in the morning – the entry of Dolly Bindra.

The lady is a complete terror and a monster. Probably getting a very high amount for every fuss she creates. Although I do think that passing remarks on someone’s personal life is a little too cheap. So far, the whole nation is aware of all the drama’s these guys portray on television for even the smallest portion of publicity. Personal grudges are not necessary as it is not required to run this show. From dawn to dusk, she makes every inmates life terrible and creates tremendous ratings. Infact, the small clipping shown at the end of each episode gives me the chills. And let’s not even measure the curiosity level!!!

Let’s switch gears now. Since we on BB topic, how can we leave behind the Khan man. Dude is definitely flying high these days. After the colossal success of Dabangg, Sallu has already re-created the magic on screen and off as well. Plus, one can always view some sort of Dabangg-ness every week on the show. Directors have managed to keep the high spirits of the movie even after a month. Anyhow, let’s wait and watch, who comes out to be the most Dabangg man on Bigg Boss 4???


  1. I cannot wait to watch!! Its a stupid yet addictive show.

  2. I love the show and its entertaining today as Salman Khan is in the house.. I am enjoying it..



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