Monday, October 18, 2010

Was it a legit Ayodhya’s verdict?

Finally, the much heated debate came to a conclusion. The respectable judges decided to announce the verdict on the most awaited litigation. Frankly speaking, until the verdict came out, I had minimal knowledge of Ayodhya’s case. After reading through couple of articles and TOI news chain, I got enlightened with the case. Not much, but enough to write this article. Instead of coercing myself in reading the long lost history of the case, I decided to cluster upon different opinions on the verdict. I came across many distinct notions and could not come up with an adept conclusion.

According to the court’s verdict, the location was divided among Muslims, Hindu’s, and another Hindu party. On the judgment day, Delhi went into a mute mode. No traffic, companies declared holiday, mobile network disconnected, cops on every nook n corner. It was expected that whatever the decision comes out to be, one party will get antagonized regardless. The expectation came to a reality, however, surprisingly no protest and no maara-maari!

India is an insane country when it comes to religion. This is the simplest trick people use to wage a war within the country. The current issue as well is between Hindus and Muslims. So, if everyone is completely acquainted with the fact, why not elude such issues? After conversing with a few people, I came across many other solutions. Why not build a memorial museum at the location? That will make life simpler. Don’t you agree? The constant debate needs to find a border line. Day in, day out, it’s getting bigger and out of control. Isn’t Kashmir enough to keep the grudges alive?

There is only one Almighty. If one thinks, their God is more superior, so be it! At least don’t impose the superiority on others. Nevertheless, it is clearly worthless saying such words. We have gone way too far in religious battle. There is no end to this issue. The saga has become a part of our daily life. How come we don’t see people protesting for a better education or a better life? The mandir/masjid kissa is oldish. Today’s generation require temples of learning. The world has become so competitive that without education you are not even worth a penny. Youngsters will settle for a job and a better life, anyday. They are least interested in politics of religion. It’s enough we have to deal with IPL politics, CWG politics, Khap Panchayat politics, Kalmadi – Modi – Diks*** politics.

It will be ridiculous to see round 2 for this case. We are fully aware of the outcome. There is no verdict which will be acceptable by both parties. It’s high time we put our foot down and drill some sense in these chaps. We were the best and we can be the best…again!

P.S. Let us all burn the Ravan this year. Happy Dussehra to all…

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  1. oh u r late for this post.. hmm.... chalo koi nahi.. I liked your post... this is exactly even how I write too.. I am following your blogs from now onwards and u follow mine... I write at ...And even I have stated my take on the Ayodhya verdict.. read it too... and be in touch...



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