Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Goodbye summers, already???

Every morning at the crack of the dawn while opening my eyes; the first thing I do is glance over the Gmail inbox in my HTC. Coincidentally, a couple days back the weather index caught my attention. It was 67 degrees. Insane! Next thing I encountered was my constant sniffling throughout the morning. I frowned. Frowned at the fact that summers are about to come to an end. The sexiness is about to fade away. Soon, we’ll confront the worst of all seasons. Winter! That chilly, freezing, below zero feel. I hate winters! My body shuts down during that time. Actually, even at this very moment while drafting this article, my body is frozen. Frozen in this air conditioned bakery. Why is it that these gora’s can’t enjoy the summers? Soon it’ll be time to dump all the summer clothes at one corner of the closet. The skirt season will go away. The leg show will cease. No more outdoor activities. And no more workout sessions…sigh! Cherish the remaining few days of this weather. Soon, we’ll bid farewell to summers…!



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