Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Espionage – Nothing is what it seems!

Last weekend was well spent. Hubby and I decided to spend an entire day in DC. For months my better half wanted to check out the International Spy Museum. Finally, this past Saturday we took a tour of the museum. Three different lines to enter the museum. Firstly, the ticket line followed by the ‘enter the museum’ line and lastly a line to get in the elevator [the longest one]. It was an astonishing experience altogether. Every fact written out on the walls was bewildering. Did you know, “before 9/11, 100 applicants for CIA, post 9/11, 1100 applications”. The CIA spends close to $30 million per day on their missions etc. Totally appalled by some of the facts laid out in the museum. It showed a major battle between KGB (Russia) and CIA (USA). FYI: KGB is awfully adroit and apt in what they do…if we compare it with CIA – my personal opinion.

You can’t be assured that a person walking at the airport or grocery market or at a building is actually a male or a female? The makeup industry has boomed to such level that a human can take identity of a man or woman or even sardar…seriously! The museum showed such clippings of how make up can decrease/increase your age in just minutes. Which means, I will never look older… *giggles*. A spy lives his life on the edge. They are watched every second of their life. It was impressive to see how they communicate at the most oddest location. How they leave packages or information for other agents? …near a garbage can or on a stranded road under a hollow tree trunk and so on… To me, the most obvious spy tactic is hiring a slim, sexy and attractive agent. Did you know that spies get their special build rings, newspaper, umbrella, shoes which has a gun embedded in it? The consequences of this job are certainly extremely jeopardous. One can face detainment, deportation or even death! I wonder how their brain works. Suspecting every activity, questioning every statement, and believing no one whatsoever!



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