Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I luv hate stories/I hate luv stories…

Firstly, what’s the deal with the most ridiculous title? Is it just me or is everyone baffled with it? Well, horrendous script to begin with. I’m not sure how Karan Johar got convinced after reading the fabricated manuscript? Sonam cannot act! No questions, no doubts…! It was clearly portrayed in the film. She claims to be a diva only because of the ‘Kapoor’ surname else she has no talent of her own. The second she started spilling words out of her mouth, I knew I’ll only fancy her personal attire. If my memory is sharp then I think she’s got Delhi Belly in her kitty and then the road closes for her. Unless dumb directors like Karan Johar desperately want to direct some baloney w/ Sonam Kapoor.

Imran on the other hand is trying too hard to become like his ‘mamu’. Well, my advice to him would be ‘don’t try at all.’ The guy definitely has a cute look reserved only for teenagers. The same teenagers who spell love as luv… however, that’s it! Imran has a long road ahead of him. Also, he can stop declaring to the entire world that he’s ‘taken’, no girl is willing to marry him, it’s just a crush for the time being. The day he turns 30, teenagers will hunt for some other cute, adorable face.

About the movie, like I said horrendous script. Not a single character was pro at his/her job. Even the luv scenes were not convincing in any way, I think I cracked up on a few… Infact, each time Imran spoke to his mom, I knew she had to be some high profile actress ‘BUT’, it was Anju Mahendru. My goodness, I don't know what went wrong with her? She carries her role very responsibly. However, even she fell flat the minute I glanced at the ‘wig’. Yeah, even an 8 yr old could have pointed that out! The film was clearly saved by the songs. After Rajneeti, a huge disappointment from Raavan and IHLS… ughhh!!! Oh well, Bollywood is not famous for giving blockbusters in a row. The movie was conclusively rubbish; at least it could have been entertainingly rubbish!

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  1. Mam, have you realized that you have spelled love as "luv" yourself in last paragraph - "Even the luv scenes were not convincing in any way, I think I cracked up on a few..." hehe



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