Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Woh bachpan ki yaadein, woh baarish ka paani…

Ahhh…those days, childhood days! Still remember the first drop of monsoon, the first day of summer chuttiyan, and the never-ending homework/charts/projects. The days of pony tails and frocks, and the school uniform combined of white shirt with grey skirt; socks covering half the leg. Fighting over one crayon, getting jealous from a fancy binding of a book. Wow…

Life was possibly easy back then. We were too much occupied with siblings, cousins, school, friends, paints, playground, the terrace and the sky. These days kids are engrossed with Hannah Montana, Jonas Brothers, Raven, and all the high profile Disney characters. Back then, the day started with waking up, getting into school uniform, school, recess, chutti time followed by playing hike n seek in the evening and lastly homework. I don’t deny the fact that children these days are way smarter and globalized. Significantly more aware and considerably more tech-savvy! And also very weight conscious. Kids today are granted with gym class which means serious business for a lot. Whereas in my childhood days we had PT [personal training, can’t believe we used to call it PT] class, which basically meant an escape from studies for 50 minutes. Loosing weight was never an issue for anyone in my childhood days. We were all fit in our own ways, actually quite perfect!

In the past decade, life took a 360 degree turn. Everything is glamorized, publicized, socialized today… Anything can be fixed by Google. Facebook has become the core network for socializing, gossiping, networking, and infact matching as well. Even 8-10 year old can be spotted on Facebook with their personal profiles. What life, eh??? Let’s not even get started on the mobile privileges. In my childhood days, it was a big deal to have a landline let alone owning a mobile.

Let’s see what all developments/innovation we’ll encounter in the next decade. Till then, relish life!

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