Tuesday, June 8, 2010

‘Rajneeti’ – A powerhouse package!!!

Worth the wait, ticket price well-spent. Never had I been this excited to write my article. Waited too long for the movie. Ahh…I would highly recommend, Rajneeti. A splendid performance by each actor. Needless to say, hats off to Prakash Jha. I was captivated by the very first opening dramatic kissing scene between a 20 year old girl and Nasserudin Shah. That very minute I understood Jha will take the audience on a roller-coaster. It was a hell of a ride. The trailers were certainly misleading. Katrina Kaif was not the center of the movie. It was a powerful film surrounded only by Men.

Nana Patekar, once again gave an excellent performance. Arjun Rampal, a well educated guy trapped in ‘kurta-pajama’ only because he wants the gaddi; very well executed. Ajay Devgan, well suited for the role and convinced the audience with such ease. For the last two men, I cannot praise in a one-liner. Manoj Bajpai, literally stole the show. I want to salute Prakash Jha once again; he couldn’t have picked a better actor than Manoj Bajpai. Bajpai is filled with talent; only a few directors know exactly how to squeeze out the talent from this proficient artist. From his dialogues to his looks to his dress designers, all deserve an applaud. And lastly, Ranbir, ‘Boy O Boy’, the young-sinister-strategist proved his presence in the movie. He gave the oomph-factor to Rajneeti! No doubt… he will do wonders on the screen. Now that SRK is counting his days and Aamir produces one film per year, Ranbir has the khulla maidaan for him. Remember the days when his dadaji made the Kapoor surname so synonymous with Bollywood? Surely Jha did an outstanding job by focusing on Katrina alone for the teasers. The audience got full on surprises in the movie, I’m sure everyone is happy with minimal role of Kaif. Halfway through the movie I realized, Mahabharata is still alive even in this day and age. Rajneeti portrayed a sophisticated side of exploitation. This is for the reel-life.

And now, the Real life. Our ruthless, conniving Rajneeti. One must get chills down the spine after coming out of the theatre. An entire family murdered only for a gaddi. The air gets polluted by corruption only for a gaddi. Love, sex, dhoka only for a gaddi. I must say, our Rajneeti is like no other. Obviously aam-junta gets allured by popularity, money, lavish lifestyle but the picture behind this man-made, pretty looking endurance is very shallow. Big politicos have utterly no emotions, feelings, belief, and saturated with malevolence. Call it coincidence or karma, you and I are much better off as ‘the-mango-people’ instead of being associated with Rajneeti. These big names can hide their black money; manipulate the ‘mango-people’, swear on bull crap, make promises [faulty ones], show themselves in the simplest roop-rang BUT aarey babu, yeh jo public hai yeh sab jaanti hai…PUBLIC HAI !


  1. Now i can't wait to watch movie!!!! and its again a Wowish article from you..

  2. Lovely review! wish u keep 'em comin.. :)

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