Monday, June 21, 2010

Unthinkable, Unimaginable, Unattainable…

As always, every week I eagerly look forward to weekends. This past Friday, I left sharply at 4:30PM from work. Went home, got into my PJ’s and had chai with my dad. Ahhh, how a cup of chai can melt away the tiredness of an entire week is still a mystery. Minutes later, my cousin showed up at the door and we started to chit chat. Later at night we girls went out for Thai [the-only-food we are fond of].

Saturday flew by in a flash and before I knew, it was Sunday already. How can I ever forget the strenuous exercise this past weekend? The intense workout with the girls on Friday night in a parking lot followed by a hardcore workout at the gym on Saturday morning and then the dance party at my friend’s place later in the evening. Phew… All my bones were screaming to me…Rest, Rest, and Rest! However, I’m me! Rest is not something I’m too fanatic about. Sunday evening, I lied down on the couch and asked my brother to put on a movie. We started watching ‘Unthinkable’, somewhat related to ‘A Wednesday’ from our Bollywood films but directed on a larger scale.

The plot starts with an average guy recording himself and declares to the entire world about his set-up of three nuclear bombs in three different cities of U S of A. Moments later, the tapes aired on the entire news network. The antagonist forces himself to get into the police custody and goes through a violent interrogation. While watching this movie, I started getting panicky. With so many terrorist activities occurring everyday, I firmly believe this could be based on a true story. One thing which startled me was, that the antagonist clearly stated his motive behind the nuclear bomb setup and while describing he mentioned ‘Allah’ loves His people. I want to question everyone, “Why these deadly act in the name of ‘Allah’?” Why terrorize the entire nation? Why become responsible for someone else’s death? Why impose on other people that ‘our’ God is better than yours?

In the movie, the antagonist was suffering through such agony and torture. The interrogator cut his fingers, got him naked and threw cold water on him, gave constant electric shocks, pulled his teeth out of his mouth. And no, the suspect did not break down. He remained unshaken, unaffected. The stoical body of the antagonist was rock-solid. The interrogator slit the neck of his wife in front of him. And still, he did not speak. His kids were placed in the interrogation room as well. I won’t give-away the ending… Watch it and find out!

These terrorist have no purpose in their life. They want to blow up innocent people and later on take the name of ‘Allah’. As if ‘Allah’ will grant them heaven for executing such brutal operation. There is no mercy for such transgressors. Either today or tomorrow, they will rot in hell…! Period.

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  1. Thank you God that we are away from such nonsense acts!!!



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