Monday, July 26, 2010

Depleted in LOST

It all started with my cousin going gaga over the LOST series. My Gosh, she went fully bonkers with the show. I guess that’s how those million other fans felt when the series actually started. Her status messages changed frequently, her petrifying dreams, her conversations had tons of stories about broken plane, an island, ghost, odd noises, Charlie and the list goes on… In less than four days, she was completely lost in LOST. So, she bewitched me as well.

With the very first episode, I didn’t like it. Since, I’m a huge PRISON BREAK fan, I didn’t think LOST could re-create that magic with its series. However, with Indian Idol airing only twice a week and no Hell’s Kitchen, I forced myself into watching LOST. With the second episode, I believe, I got dazzled with it. The characters seemed to have a very calm and composed personality. I’d say my favorite is Jack [the main protagonist] and Souyer [not sure if I spelled his name correctly] however, I recently found out his real name in the show is James Ford. The Australian accent used by many characters mesmerizes me. When I was living at my college dormitory, the international students had their own charisma and magnetism. Whenever I go into my dorm flashback, I always recall the Australian students and their conversations.

Back to LOST! For the past two weeks I’ve been marathoning this show. Each time the show ends, it plays a very horrifying music. A couple of times, I tried listening to it but I got a bit scared. Oh well, here’s a synopsis of Lost. A plane crashed on its way to LA from Sydney on a stranded island. Months passed by but no one came to rescue the forty some people on the island. Every actor’s life is described via a flashback. Apparently, no one seemed to be happy with their life. The show took a different turn when ‘the others’ got introduced. Seemingly, the island belongs to ‘the others’ and the forty some people are intruders. Two characters found a hatch in the middle of the island which seems to be resting under ground and has all the basic necessities for a common man. From food to washer-dryer to computer, everything is available! Oddly, a button has to be pushed every 108 minutes else only ‘the director’ knows what will happen? [My humble request to my readers: Please don’t give away the surprise; I’m only on the second season, Thank you].

My last night’s dream kindled me into writing this article today. I saw myself abandoned on that same island and I was all alone. Apparently, ‘the others’ shown in this show were trying to hunt me down. When my dream bubble exploded, I realized I’m in my room. However, crazy as I was, I still remained in the panic mode. I could not move one muscle, nested in the same posture, tightly clenched onto Ganesh ji, started mumbling lines from some prayers, and finally dozed off… And then, in the morning I decided not watch this show anymore. But, curiosity intrigues every human being.


  1. U dint mention that u gave me a call in tht panic state :P

  2. DUDE... I called you to tell you about my dream, otherwise I'm a very strong girl!!! :P

  3. hehe...its scary, its fun, its interesting, its everything. and its Sawyer. He is favorite. :) I dont think I will be done before the D-Day.



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