Monday, August 2, 2010

Bridal Shower – Dulhan Phuwara – Wotti Phuwara

Okay guys, so I’m back on my blog!!! Bet, you all missed me tons, I missed writing too. Anyhow, so the past weekend was quite entertaining. Two of my cousins and I threw a bridal shower to our eldest cousin – soon-to-be married! Infact, in less than two weeks. Definitely a turning point for her and the family.

So, the bridal shower turned out to be partly surprising for the bride-to-be. If only, she could bear some patience in herself it would have been a complete surprise. Anyhow, all izz well… We, Indians, are not so familiar with the concept of throwing a bridal shower. We sure have heard about baby shower but not bridal one. Thanks to our parents for migrating us to the states ten years back. And thanks to the US culture for introducing us to a completely new idea. Indians residing in India are still desolated from this concept.

For the people who are still alienated from this abstraction. Here’s a synopsis: A bridal shower is pretty much like any other party. Except it only demands girl-friends to be on the invite list. So, the bride-to-be attains countless gifts which she can adore after the wedding. There are games involved as well which makes it more saucy and sexy. I won’t disclose much; let your brain run berserk.

Ours turned out to be an eight hour long affair. This is how it all began… Firstly, picking a date suitable to all the ladies followed by comprehending the details of the shower. Once, the day was finalized, I was all geared up to initiate the decoration/food/games/guestlist/gifts with my ladies. After the shopping spree, we were all set to decorate the basement. With much artifice, I managed to gather guys of our familia to help out with the decoration. Not to mention the hardship of these guys blowing air from their lungs into the balloons. All three of them deserve a huge applause!!! Afterwards, my cousin/hostmate and I started showcasing our culinary skills in our respective kitchens [which by the way was quite appreciated by all the ladies]. For me, the D-day started at 7AM sharp followed by cleaning, vacuuming and constantly keeping in-touch with my girls on the phone. The basement gets filled with the girls and as we are watching the clock ticking, we anxiously await the bride’s arrival. Something daunts me and I check up on her by calling, next thing we know she’s not ready and have no clue about the arrival time. In the meantime, we loaded up on some appetizers and finally she arrived. So she began fancying up on her crown and the attention. Of course, who wouldn’t, eh? My hostmate did a splendid job with the games. Hats off to her! After three hours of non-stop fun, everyone’s stomach was growling. So we begin the food process. Cooking – heating – decorating – setting – and finally serving. Coincidentally everything came out to be delicious and savory. Afterwards, it was time to bid farewell to the friends. And again, the basement was left with us four or fantastic four [if I may…]. It will not be the same after she diverges from being Ms. to Mrs.

As my hostmate said, ‘foursome won’t be the same, in a good way’…

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