Thursday, August 5, 2010

Facebook & Full Nautanki…!

Few facts: Facebook has 500 million active users. 30 billion pieces of content shared each month. 70 and more translations available for site. WOW…what a network! Infact, from my personal experience, I’d tell you, even I’m a FB fan. FB is nothing more than a stalking site. It has its own pros and cons but no one really gives a damn about the ‘cons’. There are numerous people who lost their identity on this site. Few days back I heard the most deviant story on the radio. A couple decided to get divorced because the wife wouldn’t get off the FB. What??? That was my reaction while driving to work. Didn’t get the idea of loosing your husband [a human being] over a networking site… Strange! Once, I updated my status and mentioned about the perks of working with FB. In less than five minutes, a girl messaged me with her resume. Height of desperation or height of getting famous?

‘It’s not a mandate to have a FB account but because Rachel, Susan, Shipra own one, I should have it too’. This is how people feel these days. I vaguely remember when FB was newly introduced to college students. I bethink the day I created my FB profile. The site completely reformed from that day to now. In the past year, everyone has been bewitched by the FB spell. Every 14th person in the world holds a FB account. Wonder who’s in the category of remaining 13?

Many companies banned FB access. My company was one of them. One fine morning, I was startled to see an email announcing full authority of FB access at work. I was so jolted by this news that I decided to broadcast it on my status to the entire world. I’d like to call it a complete time-pass. Some call it a plague. Lately, I’ve come across all the ridiculous games, fortunes, horoscopes, crazy taxi, and the list goes on. Each time, I’d get a notification to accept request on any of these antics, I’d sincerely ignore it. Some thoroughly enjoy such nuisances but some [like me] keep it clean on other’s mini-feed.

Yesterday I encountered an erratic converse among my cousins. I told my younger cousins to respectfully address a new member of our family and the reply to that was, ‘I address him respectfully on Facebook.’ To this my reaction was, ‘so reality doesn’t matter anymore? Is this what kids are learning these days? Is the Facebook so real that the ‘actuality’ [per se] doesn’t subsist?’


  1. Gosh! Facebook is horrible! Since we cannot change anything, we just have to accept it. :(

  2. I am thinkin of introducing a course for kids in school on how to use social networkin site.Which wud include data security as main subject.. What say?

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  5. well well well
    social networking sites is more social than our
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