Thursday, December 27, 2012

Theek hai?

Uff…where do I begin speaking about the whole ‘Theek hai’ episode with our ‘dis-respected’ Manmohan Singh!

This man has finally shown to the world that he surely and undoubtedly runs by a remote control and has absolutely no brains of his own. These are the kind of situations which bring distress in the country. How can a Prime Minister not have a heart for his nation? He has three daughters of his own and not once did he ponder upon the sensitivity of the issue. Mr. PM could’ve shown at least some apathy towards the innocent girl and humbly apologized to his people for the atrocity in his country. It’s time to shed egos and the corrupt attitude!

Kehne ko we live in a democratic country but how is it a democracy when the entire desh is run by crooked Neta’s and narcissistic Gandhi family? Our youth generation has witnessed the barbarity of our government and it’s about time we bring revolution to the country. The government and police can exercise all of their man power. From this point onwards, there is no backing down!

Please tell me if this sounds theek hai to any one of you!!! A girl gets brutally gang-raped and beaten by 6 men in a moving bus along with her boyfriend. The Public decides to peacefully protest against the heinous crimes happening around the nation and police intervenes with lathi charges, tear gas shells and water cannon. A girl has no right to complain in our so-called-democratic nation if she’s raped, assaulted, tortured, or beaten. Aam junta is not allowed to raise voices over crime, bribery, or exploitation. From head-to-toe, the media is controlled by biased paisewallah’s! And while the entire country is raging over the chaotic circumstances; our PM decides to show up after four days to express condolences with a script. So yes, it is not ‘theek hai’, anymore!



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