Friday, January 18, 2013

Recap of 2012

Wow…We survived the Mayans predicted ‘end of world’ date! The much awaited date of 2012 kept people flustered for many years. However, we passed it and moved on as well. 2012, like all the previous years had its ups n down.

Some events left a huge mark on our memories, while some slipped by without getting noticed. Obama Uncle again won the votes of millions of Americans and slapped Romney hard. Hoping that Mr. Obama will propose rigorous laws for Guns there are no more massacre’s at school, theaters, and Gurudwara’s.

Curiosity Rover successfully landed on Mars and it was yet another triumphant milestone in Space. Believe it or not, the tycoon Elon Musk introduced the new plan of shipping earthlings on Mars in the next decade. Now, that’s what I’m talking about!

Halkat jawani reined the B’town with latka’s and jhatka’s. Fevicol did the work and the audience was hooked to Mrs. Kapoor Khan! Numerous celebrities tied the knot but Ritesh and Genelia left a mark on everyone’s memory with their grand wedding. Legendary Rajesh Khanna and Yash Chopra literally brought the world to a standstill with their departure.

Just when it was time to rejoice and get started with the preparation of New Year, our country contemplated an extremely heinous act by a group of 6 men. Nirbhaya got raped, chastised, insulted, and slaughtered by 6 men because she was one of those ‘dented and painted’ women who had the audacity to stand up for herself. December 2012 witnessed a revolution in India when young and the old amalgamated against corruption and the lawmakers. Nirbhaya created history and her death will not go in vain.

As we leave behind 2012 and embark on another year; there are few things we must summon into our minds. It’s time to get your act together and learn from the mistakes we made in 2012. Let’s start to make some alterations in the society so we can make this entire world a livable place. If we all try to do out bit for the society, then we can expect a change to occur in the coming years.

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