Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Delhi Gang Rape

Firstly, if you live in Delhi and reading my article then please don’t say… ‘This is normal’. ‘So many rape cases come out every day, nothing new in this case’. Please, don’t make this a standard, don’t stay mum, speak about it out loud and act as well. It’s time to freak out, it’s time to spread the word, and it’s time to take some action.

A 23 year old decided to watch a film with her boyfriend. On their way back, the duo takes the public transportation to head home. Seven men who are already riding the bus decide to take advantage of the girl. They thrash the boyfriend and rape the girl numerous times. But wait, their lust is still not over. They chastise the girl with an iron rod and throw the duo on the road.

I would like to know what kind of world we live in??? After this episode, there is no doubt that humans are the biggest savages living on Earth. For some ‘fun’ these men decided to beat the innocent couple and raped the girl one by one. Not only should they get hanged to death, they should get the same torture and face humiliation in public to set an example for all the monsters out there.

The girl was so inhumanely beaten up that even after 48 hours she’s still not out of danger. She’s breathing with a full support of a ventilator. May God be with her in these tough times.

Let us all collaborate and spread the word as much as we can. Let us all come up with one deadly punishment for the seven savages and set a good example. Let there be justice for the innocent girl who’s fighting for every breath. Let us not forget that it could’ve been you or me on that ventilator support.

Torture them, punish them, and hang them. Please spread the word, my fellow readers…


  1. Down with corruption

  2. RIP to the girl. I really don't know what's happening to India right now why they are the rape capital in the world.
    The delhi gang rape case is so brutal that it shocked the world and grieving over the girl. Those suspects should be hanged for good. They don't deserve to live anymore after what they've done to the girl. Maybe because of drugs and some other stuffs that influence them to do the deed but no one's exempted to the law even if they have a million reasons they will still be punished.I just hope this will stop sooner than later.
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