Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Lies & Deceit

Last night after gulping down dinner at seven thirty, I had too much free time on my hand. So, my hubby and I decided to watch a movie. The Debt is based on Israel and their spy agency Mossad. Three spy agents were sent to Berlin to capture a Nazi criminal. Throughout the movie I kept observing the protagonist behavior. As if the director only wanted the viewers to feel the discomfort and regretfulness of Rachel; the protagonist. Upon returning from her mission, she and her partners lied about their mission being accomplished. Rachel was pestered by her partners to utter a lie for the rest of her life. Back in Israel, she became the talk of the town. She was the ‘hero’ for many students studying in university; comrades serving in the army; journalists; media; and most importantly her daughter.

It’s hard to imagine a life which is completely soaked in a lie. Rachel’s quietness all along the movie portrayed how much she’s suffering from one lie. People around her were living in a misconception. It was as if she’s living a dead life. Her past did not let her breathe fresh air and her present forced her to remain mute about her lies.

Lying seems to be quite a common thing in humans. At times you lie to hide your emotions or to make a little boy or girl happy or you want to save your job from your manager and so on… It’s very normal to see such behavior in one’s life. However, if a lie is holding back your life and comes between you and your happiness then it’s time to spit it out. I’m sure my readers now will say, ‘easier said than done’. Yes, I totally and whole heartedly agree with you, however, it’s better to blurt it out at once than to live with it every single day.

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