Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Can you control your thoughts?

Am I the only one suffering with this problem or are you sailing in the same boat? It is nearly impossible for me to just tell my mind ‘SHUT UP, DUDE’. I constantly have something or the other running through my head. Why can’t I control my thoughts? Just like we can control the television with a remote; is there a remote for our brain…?

This has been my numero uno problem for past several years. I think too much. There are few people with whom I’ve expressed this and their casual response was ‘everyone thinks, not a big deal’. So, I’m assuming it’s pretty common among all of us. Would you comply with me? I believe half of my energy is consumed in my thoughts. It’s like putting your brain in a workout mode. One can go absolutely bonkers if tries to understand how human brain works. How can it run constantly for twenty four hours…that too without any energy pill!? Out of the blue, some random thought will hover around my brain and it’ll lead to a trail of stories. I wish there was a way to divert your brain from such formation of mental thoughts. According to my husband, the best way to relax and soothe one’s brain is Meditation. Okay, I get that. I hear the big word from all sorts of people. However, if only I could blank out my brain for a single second [with or without meditation], then I wouldn’t have felt forced to write this article in the first place.

Do you suffer from this? I’m not sure why, but I slightly believe that many of you can relate to this situation…or I could be totally misguided. Am I?

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