Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Recap of 2011

Phew…so where do I begin?! It was the last year of Osama and the best for Obama. Shockingly, we saw the demise of OBL. Definitely takes the top row in every chart. Facebook brought revolution in Egypt and the country joined hands to show the power of people. They no more breathe under Mubarak. It’s a free nation. Libya followed the same footsteps and declared them as a democratic nation. Hail to the power of people!

A year wholly dedicated to Anna Hazare and his team; his fast; his rally against corruption; his dedication to fight until the last breath. India finally opened eyes to corruption and came together with team Anna Hazare. Lokpal Bill got introduced to every citizen of the county and youth decided to stand by in creating a corruption-free India.

It was a year of Chamak Challo and SRK. Kolaveri Di took the country by surprise. Staggering song which made everyone dance to its tune! A year when media anxiously awaited the arrival of Beti Bachchan. This might offend some of the readers but the world seriously revolves around the ‘B’ family.

It was a year when we lost Steve Jobs. The man who invented iPhone and modified the entire meaning of how to use cell phones. 2011 also the demise of Shammi Kapoor, Jagjit Singh, Dev Anand, Surinder kapoor, MF Hussain. It was ridiculous to see condolences tweets every week from countless people. An article can be written alone on the number of deaths witnessed by the world. May they all rest in peace.

2011 will remain the worst year for Japan. A tsunami ripped apart Japan from its place and left catastrophic marks all across the country. God bless Japan. Mother Nature took a toll on almost every continent and gave numerous indications of the so-called-2012-the-end-of-world. So, if it is the last year of life on Planet Earth…live it up guys!

I’m off to create some new moves on ‘Why this Kolaveri Kolaveri Kolaveri Di?’…


  1. 2011 is the year of 0 TOLERANCE and REVOLUTION i say, 2011 is and should not be remembered as worst year just because of economic slowdown which i point at policy makers for bad policies !

    Steve jobs and Japan fiasco are unforgettable !
    Well covered>


  2. @Deepak Karthik: thank you for commenting. Agree with the zero tolerance and a revolution! Seen things which we never expected... hoping for a better year :)



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