Monday, June 25, 2012

My first ever Sky Diving experience…and I Survived!

I just cannot get this out of my head. Did I jump out of a plane yesterday? WOW… June 24, 2012 will always remain ridiculously the most daring and unbelievable day of my life. For the first time in life I experienced sky diving. It’s no joke, guys! But it’s hell of an experience. My heart almost sunk when the day was coming closer. Secretly I wanted to just bypass this altogether but couldn’t say it out loud to my gang. I was petrified.

When the gang and I reached at the Sky Diving place, we spotted few people coming down the sky on a parachute. Instantly, the nervousness went away and excitement kicked in. At the entrance, we had to fill out a lengthy form. It asked all kinds of weird questions…for instance: emergency contact, witness, etc. [Umm…hello, am I going to die today?]. Afterwards, the guys attached us with a safety harness. With all that straps on you; the mood changes rapidly. The sky diver escorted each one of us towards the small dingy plane. Fortunately, I was the first one to get in the plane and last one to jump. However, my hubby was the last one to get in and first one to jump. The moment that plane took off, my heart came into my stomach. Sitting in that plane is itself pretty terrifying let alone jumping out of it.

When we reached at about 10,000 feet, they opened the door. I believe I lost my senses when my hubby jumped from the plane. Afterwards, it barely took 10 seconds for the rest of us to take a leap. I sat at the edge of the plane and the professional sky diver was behind me securely attached. He pushed me off from the plane…and I closed my eyes. I knew my weakness so I didn’t wanted to experience a heart fail up in the air…! The minute I fell, the air pushed me upwards and I faced the sky but the professional guy literally pushed me so we could flip and face the Earth. Finally, after about 5 seconds, I opened my eyes and felt as if I’m stagnant in the air. You do not feel the free-fall after 5 second…and that was the bestest feeling ever!

The feeling of free fall is marvelous. The views looked spectacular. And suddenly you get pulled upwards with a loud noise which is actually the parachute getting activated. Once the parachute opens up, the madness completely goes away. You no longer feel the butterflies in your stomach. I maneuvered the parachute couple of times which was amazing. And, finally I landed back on Earth…sigh! What a feeling, it was!

By the way, watch out for the after affects. In my case, I had dizziness for the rest of the day. But hey, it’s totally worth it!


  1. I want to go for Sky Diving husband just doesn't let me do it as if no sky diver has ever survived...LOL!
    Good post - sounds like a lot of fun!

  2. ^Hi there... thank you for reading and commenting here. :) Skydiving beats all kinds of crazy activities out there...such as bungee jumping/roller coaster ride etc. So, convince your husband and go for it! :P



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