Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Epic Transit Of Venus

I’m sure no one missed Venus passing through the Sun on June 5th 2012. It’s impossible to imagine this reality but it really did occur. The minute I found out about the epic transit on CNN, I got excited to encounter this extraordinary thing. A very special thanks to NASA for capturing the entire transit and showing it live to the entire world. One can clearly envision how big our Sun is and how miniature planet Venus. And just for your general knowledge, Earth is marginally bigger than its evil twin sister [Venus]. We also look like a tiny dot in front of this humongous Sun. It’s completely astounding to even think how vast this universe is!

Don’t you ever feel that we should be able to visit these planets revolving around our star? We should be able to glance at the Space from other planets revolving in our galaxy. If only I could get a chance to travel across the Space… Well, considering my bank balance, it can only remain a dream and I highly doubt NASA has this kind of advanced technology to fulfill my wishes. However, all accolades go out to NASA team for sharing this epic event with everyone. This proves how technology has progressed in past years. The next transit will take place in 2117 which will be encountered by our grand-grand children, if the world survives until then.

I was alive to see the epic transit of Venus 2012!

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