Friday, June 8, 2012

Rowdy Rathore – Are you comedy-ing me?

An action packed, masala picture. The movie is wholly and solely rested on Akshay Kumar’s shoulders. He’s a one man army. It is always a delight to watch AK on the screen. His personality is genuinely captivating and comedy timings are so superlative. One AK can do wonders on the screen; imagine if you get a double role from this actor? From beginning till end, you are either rolling on floor laughing or have smile on the face. The punch lines were hilarious. AK’s partner-in-crime ‘Paresh’ was equally fantastic. Remember Paresh and Bharti from Comedy Circus..!? For him, dialogues or no dialogues, he still made his presence felt on the screen. His looks are completely hysterical.

The storyline of the film was quiet ancient. So, please don’t bother going to theatre for the story. It’s the dialogue and the songs and AK, who did the magic! Now, let’s talk about the Khamosh girl. You know, it’s not always necessary to have an actress in the film! The script had absolutely nothing for her. Sonakshi Sinha only showed up for the songs and maybe a few lines…here n there! To tell you the truth, this so-called-role of ‘Paro’ didn’t suit her in any possible way. She cannot pull off bold and raunchy lines. Her personality goes against her. Fail!

A very special mention to one of the most cheap and vulgar songs I’ve ever heard… ‘Aa re pritam pyare’! Hands down, if a category of ‘the most vulgar song’ is ever to be created then this song will win it. Even the choreography was naughty and obscene. One can call it the extra garam masala in this movie for all the guys out there! Rest of the songs has a very catchy rhyme. Chinta ta ta chita is the most applauded number in the entire album. The little hand dance shown throughout the movie is quite addictive. [I tried it a couple of times as well]…

The formula worked just perfect with AK this time. He definitely wooed the audience with this rowdy looks, rowdy dishum dishum, rowdy dialogues, and rowdy punches!

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