Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Uncalled Attacks

When we were already mourning on the tragic loss of 9/11 terrorists attacks; there came news of violent protest and killings in Middle East. Why? Not a single day passes without an attack or innocent killings. Reading such news everyday has become a part of everyone’s daily agenda.

The biggest factor of such abhorrent violence is Religion. Killing one another in the name of God. This really makes me wonder how queerly people react these days. It’s quite evident that any comment against any particular religion can flicker debacle across the globe. Executing blameless people has become child’s play. The recent attacks in the Middle Eastern countries have charged up other uncivilized people to join hands in such massacre.

It’s hard to fathom how the families react when they discover their family member was intentionally murdered in a religious attack. The family who goes through such torture can care less about why the attack occurred or it was for a cause etc. The fact is that they lost a member and that’s the end. It’s irreversible, and time does not heal such wounds.

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