Thursday, October 25, 2012

Kareena Kapoor Khan

Finally, Bebo tied the knot with the most powerful person of Pataudi. The Kapoor girl has proved to the world that she is undoubtedly the queen who dominates the Industry…at least for now! Not only does she acquire every blockbuster hit in her kitty; she also creates brouhaha for her big day to remain at the top on media charts.

Kareena Kapoor was born with a golden spoon and now she pertinently secured her future with the Pataudi Legacy. The Pataudi’s hold colossal treasure and Kareena will be allotted a fair share. As one of the magazines said, ‘Kareena now holds the two most paramount surnames!’ She’s Kareena Kapoor Khan…!

I was wondering if Saifoo’s kids will be attending the grand second wedding of his father. Well, surprisingly they did. It must have been a super awkward moment for the kids to get clicked with their dad and the new mummy. Wonder if the kids will actually address her ‘Mummy’?! Mind you, the daughter is already on the road-way to the industry, I bet dad’s wedding just gave her another reason to flaunt her looks n physique.

From her debut in Refugee, Bebo mentioned to the media that she wants to be the No. 1 Heroine in our industry. And she lived her dream. In the Kapoor clan, she has always asserted herself to be acquainted as the Princess. She’s the Princess in reel life and the Begum in real life.

Both of the Kapoor girls have many similarities. A few of them: both became the eminent actresses of their time; both chose to marry second hand guys *wink*; both inherited step children; initially both had the perfect love interest but fate had other partners predetermined for them. Karishma would’ve dug a gold mine by marrying Abhishek Bachchan and Kareena could’ve made a pitch - perfect match with Shahid Kapoor.

But, the sister-duo wanted their wedding card to say:

‘Halkat jawani weds second-hand jawani’s…!’ - Hey, this isn’t my original, read it somewhere and decided to steal it. :P


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