Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Devil will dance tonight!

How many of you believe that Casey Anthony is not the murderer of little Caylee Anthony?

This is how I got so hooked to the case. One fine afternoon, while having lunch with the family, my brother initiated the story of Casey Anthony and how the media is going totally berserk over it. I was all ears while he narrated the entire story. However, I never kept the conversation intact in my head and never bothered to Google this lady. Days passed by and I kept hearing something or the other about Anthony’s case. This past weekend FOX news caught my attention while the prosecutor was blabbing about this murder. The courtroom grabbed my undivided attention. I sat for the next few hours and weighed all the allegations made towards Ms. Anthony. Ditto for the following day. 3 days went by and I was just about ready to hear the Judge’s verdict.

Today, while savoring on some Pulao, I kept my concentration on the clock. 2:15PM was the chosen time to announce Casey’s fate. My eyes and ears were dumbstruck when the lady said ‘Not Guilty’. All this time, I was too sure [like the rest of the country] that she was the murderer. However, the verdict was ‘not guilty’. It was funny to see how every single journalist on the news started their sentence with ‘I’m speechless’. It was also funny to see how every tweet said ‘I’m shocked’. …actually we can still bypass the media and tweeple’s reaction but what about Casey’s wicked smile right after the verdict. I bet no one missed the giggle she had on her face. Gets me wondering what she plans to do tonight! *giggling*
It clearly shows that this murder was premeditated. Casey decided to leave her parents house for 31 days [of course] to kill her daughter. She intentionally notified the cops after 31 days about her missing daughter. By that time her daughter’s body was completely decomposed and very minimal evidence could be found. To make it more brutal, Caylee’s skull was found with a duct tape on it. For heaven’s sake, which mother holds the courage to perform such act?

There was so much evidence provided to the court, however, the jury wholly ignored it. Apparently, they found the only twelve people who still think the world is Flat! No wonder Judge Perry decided to keep the identity of jurors under wrap. I gotta feeling that she’ll walk free on Thursday and will take up the book offer. Yup, she already got a book offer and I bet she’ll be making millions from her story. Oh yeah, and if anyone finds out the father of this toddler, please do share with the entire nation!

RIP Caylee Anthony…

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