Friday, July 15, 2011

India – Terrorist’s soft target!

…and it continues on! Same old story, same old tamasha. Terror attacks are not new to us. It’s absolutely pointless to watch television and the news. No point in watching the repeated ‘breaking news’, the egoistic anchors faking concerns about Mumbai and the same ghastly images. We are just not capable of revolting back in the same manner. We just cannot kill Kasab who’s been living in our own jail for past so many years. We just love to feed him daily. We have a problem! And our problem is simple…the system! Our biggest fight is with our system; and it’s been so deeply corrupt that there seems to be no turning back. Why do the mango people have to deal with such agony?

Another body was blown…with zero resistance! Why does Mumbai has to bleed again and again and again? I can continue rambling on about our corrupt politicians, the aam-junta, the terrorists, the media and so on… however, the truth simply is that: it will continue on, whether we like it or not! Not much has changed from 26/11 and nothing will change from this point onwards either. It was bewildering to see Barkha Dutt’s tweets and how she said ‘things are under control’. Not sure what exactly was under control after so many deaths??? Rahul Gandhi’s ill statement antagonized me even more. “We cannot stop every terror attack.” I would desperately want to find out which attack has he ever averted? Wonder when and where will be the next attack?

May God bless the souls who lost their lives…


  1. The statement by Digvijay Singh and Rahul Gandhi are seriously nonsense. These politicians are the cause of all this disaster.