Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Thank you God for not making me a part of this…

Khap Panchayat – the name sounds familiar? Yeah, it’s been haunting me for quite some time, so decided to spread some awareness via my article. Khap Panchayat – a system of social administration and organization of different communities in our country, hamara desh; India.

Back in ole’ days, elders had nothing better to do but to barge in other’s lives and eventually came up with their own absurd rules. Alrite, I agree, there was no such thing called ‘democracy’. Fine! Purana zamana, eh! However, not anymore! Times have changed. Recently, we’ve been hearing about Manoj-Babli case. A massacre which took place in Karnal; only 30km away from my birthplace; Panipat, Haryana. Allow me to shed some light on the case: a random girl and guy fall in love and decide to get married; notwithstanding the consequences of their act. The couple regrets to follow the bull shit tradition of Khap Panchayat. So what, if they belong from the same Gotra [clan within which men and women are considered siblings; hence cannot marry]? What the heck? Firstly, we live in a free world, where so called man-made ridiculous traditions has taken over by the civilization, education, development of knowledge, idiosyncrasy, eloquence, and the most important; liberty & freedom.

And now back to the man slaughtered destruction witnessed by many. Babli’s own family members brutally killed her and her husband. She got poisoned while her husband was being inhumanely bashed by Babli’s brother and relatives. Later on, the dead bodies were thrown in a Canal with their hands and legs tied up. As if, the couple still had a breath left to untie them and start a life. I ask the question to thee? Why should we live like slaves to our old tradition? Who gave them the power? Accept the change. Today’s generation want to live life freely, want to choose their partner and live as they please! Then why these restrictions, confinements? Why the old-parampara? The Panchayat leaders acted as ‘partners-in-crime’ and performed a splendid job by taking the lives of this innocent couple. Bravo! Even our so called ‘desh-ke-rakhwale’; police officers had their share in this cold blooded murder - the height of desperation and frustration. Desperation for more money and frustration of not earning enough money. And when the verdict came out, Manoj’s family was not present due to apprehensions of threat to life. And mind you – what is our Rajneeti doing about all this? How are they helping out the aam-junta? Well, forget helping out, the bastards are busy filling their Swiss bank accounts w/ as much money as they can. Speaking of Rajneeti, let’s see how the movie will turn out? Not that it will do wonders to the aam-junta as we all are aware of how our Rajneeti works! Thanks to Prakash Jha for mimicking the reality into a blockbuster entertainer.

The aam-junta is screaming on top of their lungs: Jiyo aur jeene do !


  1. Talibanization!! is not far, thts wat comes to my mind after this incident..



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